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About Custom Print

Reducing costs by listening and working with our clients and understanding our clients needs. Real world printing.

What works for our clients and custom print

  • Quality - What quality is needed $$$.
  • Time frame - What is a real time frame, so it can be scheduled into the manufacturing process.
  • Options - Digital or Offset what is the best solution
  • Quantity - Print supply or print and store what is the most cost effective.

There are many ways to reduce your costs.

  • Reducing waste in manufacturing and design.
  • Using a cost effective stock for the job required.
  • Sizing a job so it will get the best yield out of the stock.
  • Making the job user friendly.
  • Paying on the due date. Yes that is right, it does make a difference, we are all it to make money so we can have a good live, see it is the real world.

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